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Sigi Moonlight

Inspired by old movies, Sigi Moonlight takes on a series of iconic, traditionally masculine personas in their shows, from Kung Fu master to dangerous criminal and even Oscar statuette.

Rife with pop culture references and allusions to contemporary socio-political issues, Sigi's performances investigate ideas of toxic masculinity, such as challenging the way Hollywood emasculates East Asian men in media.

Sigi has performed all over, from clowning around at Glastonbury to Shakespeare's Globe. They also form part of the queer pan-Asian collective The Bitten Peach, which seeks to address the underrepresentation of Asian performers in UK cabaret.

Outside of drag, Jacqui Bardelang is currently studying a postgraduate acting diploma at Drama Studio London. Jacqui most recently stars as a reincarnation of the eponymous supervillain in Chinese Arts Now commissioned short film, Casting Fu Manchu.

Photo by Gerrard Gethings.