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Marja Helinä Nuutinen

Marja Helinä Nuutinen has a bachelor’s degree in social sciences and master’s degree in community pedagogics. She is an autism real-life expert and an enabler of the spectrum of life. Her favourite words are inclusion and happiness. She has designed, initiated and implemented disability, integration, inclusion and global education projects in Bangladesh and Finland. She has done research on autism, multiculturalism and integration. She has published several articles and videos and writes her own blog.

She has lived around the world and believes that we are originally nomads. She worked as a Project Manager in Prerona and Srijon projects from 2007 to 2016 in Bangladesh, supported by the Finnish Foreign Ministry. Presently she is working as a Project Manager in the Giriphul Project in Rangamati, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh. She also coordinates her own Ullash-Godchildren program in Bangladesh for the most underprivileged children at the SWAC school.

Marja is also a chair of her own organisation, EETE, created to celebrate the diversity of life and working for empowerment, empathy, teamwork, togetherness and a more energetic way to live.