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Josiane Smith

Josiane Smith works at the intersection of social change and human story. A published poet and writer, Josiane writes regularly for British and international press on the role of art and spirituality in social change, and is working on her first book about the 'zeitgeist'.

Co-editor of Magma 89, an international poetry press and publication, and incoming Convener of the Quaker Arts Network, her work has appeared in arts exhibitions and publications in Cape Town, Amman, Beirut, Melbourne and New York, and on stages in established venues across the UK.

Josiane works full-time as the Global Programme Lead for Philanthropy at the Social Innovation Exchange (SIX) and is an Associate Lecturer in Social Innovation at the University of Bristol. She is a systems thinker, weaver, former fellow of the RSA and a fellow of Newspeak House, the London College of Political Technologists.

In her spare time, she dances.