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Indy Johar

Indy Johar is focused on the strategic design of new super scale civic assets for transition - specifically at the intersection of financing, contracting and governance for deeply democratic futures.

Indy is co-founder of and of the RIBA award winning architecture and urban practice Architecture00 -, a founding director of open systems lab - (digitising planning), seeded WikiHouse (open source housing) - and Open Desk (open source furniture company)

Indy is a non-executive international Director of the BloxHub (Denmark Copenhagen) - the Nordic Hub for sustainable urbanization and was 2016-17 Graham Willis Visiting Professorship at Sheffield University. He was also Studio Master at the Architectural Association - 2019-2020, UNDP Innovation Facility Advisory Board Member 2016-20 and RIBA Trustee 2017-20. He has taught & lectured at various institutions from the University of Bath, TU-Berlin; University College London, Princeton, Harvard, MIT and New School.

Most recently, he was awarded the London Design Medal for Innovation in 2022."

Indy's Twitter handle is: @indy_johar