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What is Health? Peckham Experiment & Communities

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In partnership with Citizen Network, Opus, the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre at Sheffield Hallam University & the Pioneer Health Foundation

An interactive event exploring the core principles of the 'Peckham Experiment' to inspire the creation of ambitious and dynamic community-led healthy neighbourhoods in South Yorkshire.

The session will include an introduction to the 'Peckham' Principles, as well as hosted conversations between three community organisations, two working in the East-end of Sheffield, Darnall Well Being and Manor & Castle Development Trust and The People Focused Group in Doncaster.

This event is being organised and supported by Citizen Network, Opus, the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre (AWRC) at Sheffield Hallam University and the Pioneer Health Foundation (PHF), the organisation that keeps alive the legacy of the Pioneer Health Centre (Peckham Experiment) 1926 - 1950. All the organisations involved are committed to shifting power to communities and transforming the health and wellbeing of their communities.

Founder of the Citizen Network Research, a Sheffield-based think tank which works globally. In 2020, the Centre launched the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement to advance grassroots democratic citizen action.

Dr Jack Czauderna is a retired family doctor, Founder and Trustee of Darnall Well Being, and Chair of the Pioneer Health Foundation (Peckham Experiment).

Professor Robert Copeland is Director of the Advanced Wellbeing Research Centre, Professor of Physical Activity and Health at The Centre for Sport & Exercise Science, Sheffield Hallam University and a Chartered Sport and Exercise Psychologist with the Health Care Professions Council and British Psychological Society.

Part of our 2024 festival strand


How should our society overcome inequalities of race, gender, sexuality, income and disability?