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Part 2: Legislative Theatre - Watch, Act, Propose, Vote

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In partnership with Shared Future CIC

In Legislative Theatre, communities create a play based on their lived experience of ineffective or inequitable policies and practices. Audiences of peers and policymakers watch, discuss, and act onstage to rehearse strategies to confront the problems presented, testing innovative policies in real time. Everyone presents their drafts and debates new rules and policies, working together with advocates and government representatives.

Finally, audience members vote on these new rules, and decision-makers commit to future actions. Learn about recent LT initiatives with Glasgow City Council, Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Trussell Trust and more, and take part in a dialogue about how these processes could be adapted to other contexts!


Katy Rubin is a Legislative Theatre practitioner and Creative Civic Strategist based in the UK; an Associate of Shared Future CIC and People Powered; and former founding director of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.

Part of our 2024 festival strand


How can we reimagine our citizenship and our democracy?