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Living in a Future City

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Living in a Future City

In partnership with the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures

What does "sustainable urban living" actually look like? We explore what makes a city sustainable, from the perspectives of its residents, administrators and surroundings.

How can safety, environmental protection, energy security and climate change adaptation be designed into new and existing urban areas.

What are the challenges that come with sustainable urban adaptation, how can we overcome these, and what are consequences if we continue to ignore the importance of creating sustainable cities?

Fiona McBride’s research at the University of Sheffield explores the potential to power electric vehicles using the energy generated by trams and metro trains.

Ryan Bellinson is an action-oriented urban researcher whose work intersects cities, climate change, community engagement, and governance innovation. He is also interested in how participative research approaches can advance theoretical understanding, achieve practical impact, and help create more just cities.

Tanzil Shafique is a Lecturer of Urban Design and Director of the Postgraduate Programmes at The University of Sheffield School of Architecture. He is also an Associate of the Urban Institute.

Previously, he taught at the University of Melbourne, Australia and the University of Arkansas, USA. Tanzil’s research looks at southern urbanism, pluriversal architectural practice and informal planning, mainly focusing on the ongoing adaptation and transformation due to climate change led by the local citizens.

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How can we respond to the climate crisis and biosphere collapse?