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Do You Know Your Rights at a Protest?

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Do you know your rights at a protest

In partnership with Give Over

Do you know your rights if confronted by the police at a protest? Copwatching groups and legal observers have long provided training for members of the public worried about police interactions. After several months of rallies and demonstrations for Palestine, this session offers basic safety information and an understanding of the limits of police power.

Expert facilitators from independent grassroots project Green and Black Cross will run an interactive workshop to empower attendees to feel confident when dealing with police at protests. Understanding the limits of police power helps you to look out for your community at protests, and stay safe.

Green and Black Cross are an independent grassroots project that work in the spirit of mutual aid and solidarity. Initially, the group was founded to provide legal support for protestors and have since expanded to provide 'know your rights' and legal observer training, as well as being a bank of resources.

Part of our 2024 festival strand


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