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Community Ownership: What is Sheffield's Future?

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In partnership with Sheffield Community Land Trust

What could a community-owned future of Sheffield look like in 50 years? We’ll be exploring how community land trusts (CLTs) and community ownership models can offer an alternative to the extractive practices that dominate our cities. Join Sheffield CLT and a number of guest speakers and organisations in visioning a future for Sheffield, where local people shape the city and share in the benefits this would provide.

By placing land and buildings under the long term stewardship of local communities, CLTs ensure that power in decision-making processes is redistributed to local people, and value is retained in the interests and benefit of their community. Across the UK, communities have formed CLTs to provide new affordable homes, renewable energy, retrofit and sustainable development, shared workspaces for local enterprise, as well as protecting valuable local assets such as community gardens, pubs, historic buildings, ecologically important greenspaces, and shops.

Chaired by Sheffield CLT, we will hear from keynote speakers on the topics of land ownership and CLTs, followed by a debate on how community ownership could transform Sheffield over the next 50 years, and how this could help to nurture a more sustainable, inclusive and liveable city centre. Please stick around for refreshments, conversations, and to meet members of Sheffield CLT and share with us your vision for Sheffield.

Doors and materials from 6pm, talk from 6:30-8pm, 9pm close.

Part of our 2024 festival strand


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