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Can the Green New Deal Fix the Cost of Living Crisis?

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Mika Baumeister

Join Olivia Blake MP, a Green New Deal champion, in conversation with three people at the forefront of developing transformative change within trade unions, local authorities and civil society.

The mainstream media and many politicians like to set the cost of living and our wider economic crisis in opposition to solutions to the climate and nature crisis. What if we see a common cause and tackle them together?

The Green New Deal is an international movement that specifically brings together bold action on climate, nature and the cost of living. It offers a transformative programme to create thriving local communities everywhere, with no-one left out.

Significant investment is required for this transformative approach but will delay be even more costly? Do some programmes actually pay for themselves over a relatively short time? Hear an economic perspective from Chaitanya Kumar, NEF.

Climate change and economic hardship is affecting work and workers, so they need a say and a just transition. Hear from Sam Mason, PCS Union, about what this means in reality.

Investment in basic services such as health, education, transport, housing and caring are also central to a thriving society and to the GND. Hear from Anna Coote on the social guarantee and universal basic services.

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As MP for Sheffield Hallam, it is my job to represent the people of Hallam, and speak up for the issues you care about, from tackling the climate emergency and rebuilding our public services, to standing up for LGBT+ rights and ending the hostile environment.

Chaitanya leads NEF’s work on the Green New Deal, just transition and other environmental programmes.

He was previously Head of Climate and Energy Policy at Green Alliance in the UK and before that was based in New Delhi as South Asia campaigns leader for 350​.org.

He has an MSc in energy policy from the Science Policy Research Unit at Sussex University.


I am a Policy Officer covering sustainability and climate change at the Public & Commercial Services (PCS) Trade Union in the UK. My work covers supporting our workplace environmental representatives to build a sustainability agenda, and writing policy briefs and materials around a transformative Just Transition.

We work closely with campaign groups including Extinction Rebellion and Friends of the Earth. I represent the union within the global Trade Unions for Energy Democracy initiative and at the UK COP26 Coalition.


Maeve Cohen is Project Lead at the Social Guarantee, and a Non-Executive Director at Positive Money. Her work is focused on developing Universal Basic Services and a Feminist Green New Deal.

Maeve co-founded Rethinking Economics, an international, student-led campaign to reform economics education.

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