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Urban Densification: Is This the Future for Our Cities?

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Urban densification

In partnership with the Grantham Centre for Sustainable Futures

We face a huge challenge in the decarbonisation of our ever growing cities. Evidence has shown that denser cities and reduction in urban sprawl can have a positive impact on carbon emissions due to a more efficient use of our existing infrastructure and reduction in private car use. However, does increasing urban density provide a good quality of life? Is this strategy socially sustainable? What is its applicability in contested, complex and unplanned cities? How does the politics of development contribute to the strategisation of urban densification and its intended sustainability?

This debate aims to discuss this issue while also taking a global perspective to understand whether solutions are altered for different people around the world. Featuring a diverse panel of experts from industry and academia, this is a highly interesting and relevant topic as over 50% of the world’s population now live in cities.

Each speaker will be giving a presentation about their knowledge, opinions and experience of urban densification. This will be preceded by discussion, debate between speakers alongside questions from the audience.

This event will be chaired by Dr Stephen Hincks - University of Sheffield, Department of Urban Studies and Planning.

Please note that this is an online event and you will receive the link closer to the date. All staff, students and general public are welcome.

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Suyash teaches at AIKTC School of Architecture, Kalsekar Technical Campus, Navi Mumbai, India.

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