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UK Media Coverage of Latin America: A Critical Look

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In partnership with Alborada

How has the British and other English-language mainstream media reported on political developments in Latin America? Our panel take a critical look and argue that the role of independent journalism has never been more important.


Peter Watt – Host of the Alborada podcast, The Americas Uncovered and Senior Lecturer in Latin American Studies at the University of Sheffield

John McEvoy – Investigative journalist and PhD candidate focusing on British foreign policy in Latin America, University of Liverpool

Pablo NavarreteAlborada Films and Founder/Co-editor of Alborada

Chair: Tchiyiwe T Chihana – Chair, Independent Media Association and Director of Opus Independents

6.30-8pm (doors open at 6pm) @ The University of Sheffield, Lecture Theatre 2 (A02), The Diamond, 32 Leavygreave Road, Sheffield, S3 7RD


Part of our 2023 festival strand


How can we reimagine our citizenship and our democracy?