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Straight to the Facts: In Conversation with Will Moy

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Event Image Will Moy

In partnership with the University of Sheffield

In the wake of a spate of high profile fake news stories and disinformation, calls for fact checking have reached new heights, but can fact checking really save public debate? Is it able to meet public demands? Or is political speech so polarised that it is no longer possible to establish commonly held facts? At this event, Will Moy, the Chief Executive of Full Fact, shares his insight from over a decade working at the forefront of the fact checking debate. Responding to new findings from a team of University of Sheffield academics, this event asks whether public debate is condemned to be inherently unhealthy, or whether fact checking can restore democratic debate.

Will Moy is the Chief Executive of Full Fact, the UK's only independent fact checking organisation, which checks claims made by politicians, interest groups and the media. Full Fact work to counter bad information and expose the harm misleading claims can have. Will has worked at Full Fact since 2009 and is a leading voice in efforts to counter disinformation and bring about more informed public debate.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How can we reimagine our citizenship and our democracy?