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Rage Against the Machine: Young People & Political Power

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In partnership with Sheffield Futures

Sheffield Futures’ Young Advisors have curated a panel of politicians, professionals and activists to explore power as a young person within the current political climate. Drawing on different perspectives, the debate will consider the intricacies of our political system and what it means to be of voting age in 2023. The session aims to answer questions such as: where does voting apathy stem from, what do the new protest bills mean for activism, and how can young people remain optimistic and empowered?

Exploring both the democratic voting system and activism, the Young Advisors will stimulate discussion about the future of protesting - within recent legislation - leaving audience members with a clear vision of how to engage others and remain positive and impassioned. There will be time for audience questions, and to get involved and air thoughts or queries - an opportunity to speak with experts that will provide valuable insights and reinforce a drive for change in attendees.

Hosted and chaired by Sheffield Futures’ Young Advisors, this discussion - and audience Q&A - will be insightful and relevant, exploring the current youth experience of politics leading up to the local elections in May.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How can we reimagine our citizenship and our democracy?