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Our Broken Politics: How Can We Rebuild Our Democracy?

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In partnership with Sheffield For Democracy

How can we prevent a Government that was elected on a minority of votes steering our politics towards empowering and privileging the elite, whilst undermining the principles of equal rights, equal participation and equal opportunities?

From making it harder to vote by requiring photo ID, to outlawing some forms of demonstration, the rights of everyone to participate equally are being undermined: we need a major rethink in how our democratic system is structured.

We need an elected Upper Chamber of Parliament; power shared between national and local government; and equality in our voting system so that everyone’s vote counts. But how to get there?

Abtisam is prospective Labour candidate for Sheffield Central Parliamentary constituency, and Darren Hughes, Director of the Electoral Reform Society, will describe why these are the changes we need, and how to prioritise.

Academic Stuart White will discuss the relationship between economic and political change.

Roy Morris, Sheffield Compass member, will describe Compass’s tactics for ensuring our political parties deliver the changes we need.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How can we reimagine our citizenship and our democracy?