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Intersectional Ageing

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Intersectional Aging

In partnership with Sheffield Churches Council for Community Care

Intersectional Ageing is a panel discussion which invites specialists in older people’s services across the city to reflect on the available support for older people in Sheffield. The panellists have been selected for their expertise in at least one of the intersectional areas being discussed: ageing, race, gender, disability, neurodivergence and income.

Older people receiving support can become defined by their age, and this can lead to other aspects of their identities and experience being overlooked. This event aims to be explorative as well as informative. The panel will share what has positively impacted their community or societal group, and will shed light on how we can bring a more intersectional approach to older people’s care in Sheffield.

There will be opportunities for audience members to input and ask questions and we will hear examples of intersectional best-practice from the panel. By pooling our knowledge, we hope that this can be part of a wider discussion about improving care and support for people in Sheffield as they age. No one is as simple as their most obvious characteristic, and we want to promote a person-centred approach to supporting older people, which appropriately acknowledges the varied elements of who they are.

Professor of Psychology and Health at the University of Sheffield (Division of Nursing & Midwifery), where she teaches and carries out research into ageing, sexual and reproductive health, well-being, and gender.

Operational lead of the Good Neighbours Scheme at SCCCC, where older people suffering from loneliness and isolation receive in-person visits, telephone calls, and postal support, as well as uplifting initiatives throughout the year to improve their mental health.

Financial and Operations Manager At ISRAAC, a Sheffield-based charity offering an inclusive and warm welcome to the Sheffield Somali community, and embracing all communities in the local area.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead at SCCCC.

Alfred is a senior health and well-being worker at Darnall Well Being helping older people in the Darnall and Tinsley areas keep active and build healthy habits.

Dr Hawa Yatera is a social well-being community tutor, researcher and founder and managing director for the United Women Affiliation social charity in Sheffield.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How should our society overcome inequalities of race, gender, sexuality, income and disability?