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How Do We Decolonise the Teaching of History in Sheffield?

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Fo D2023

In collaboration with Sheffield Museums Trust, join Sheffield Anti-Racist Education (SHARE) for a series of ten-minute talks and a Q&A session asking ‘How do we decolonise the teaching of history in Sheffield?’

Speakers will include Ella Barret, Anita Hamlin, Sarah J Davis, Matthew Harland, Mark Hutchinson, Emma Paragreen and Cheryl Bowen exploring the following themes:

  • Steel City Stories: Collecting Objects and Stories - Working With Communities
  • Decolonising Approach to Ancient Egypt’s Education Workshop
  • Community Curators approach to Sheffield Stories Exhibition
  • Engaging Communities and Schools

Refreshments will be provided, and local stalls will be on display.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How should our society overcome inequalities of race, gender, sexuality, income and disability?