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Global Debt & Climate Justice: Growing the Movement

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In partnership with Global Justice Sheffield

Across the world, grassroots activists in the global North and the global South are combining in a rapidly growing network of interconnected campaigns – for debt justice, climate justice, women’s and workers’ rights and empowerment, and others – a movement of movements.

There is a growing unity to bring an end to the historical and continuing asset-stripping system of neo-colonialism and patriarchy, and to replace it with an organised system that serves people worldwide.

Each speaker in our impressive panel of four women grassroots activists has many years of campaigning and organising: in South Asia, Tanzania, the Caribbean, the UK trade union movement, and among Black and other under-privileged communities here in Sheffield.

South-Asian Priya Lukka demands a Reparations approach as part of replacing neo-colonialism with a re-envisioned global economic governance that empowers Frontline Communities everywhere.

Trade unionist Clara Paillard asks, “How do we join the dots of working class struggle in the UK with the struggles of communities in the Global South facing the brunt of the impact of Climate Change and environmental degradation?”

Women of Colour Global Women Strike member Sara Callaway links resistance to environmental racism with an immediate demand for a universal Carer’s Income, and with involvement in writing the Green New Deal for Europe .

And locally-resident Tanzanian Dr. Hawa Yatera, who is leading work to empower marginalised people as the organiser of United Women Affiliation, connects Africa with Sheffield.

Come and join in the debate about the best ways we can finally succeed: everyone’s voice counts.

Priya Lukka is in the South Asia Solidarity Group, an economist working for over 25 years with policy-makers and activists on debt, trade, tax, caste and women’s rights.

Clara has been a grassroots trade unionist for over 15 years, is part of Trade Unions for Energy Democracy and the Global Climate Jobs network, and was a Unite COP regional organiser during COP26 and COP27.

Women of Colour Global Women Strike. Active in women’s, anti-racist, environmental justice, and anti-deportation movements for many years. Our core demand: a Care Income for all genders caring for people and planet.

Dr Hawa Yatera, a Tanzanian who has worked with miners in Tanzania, now lives in Sheffield heading up United Women Affiliation, empowering marginalised people locally and internationally.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How can we respond to the climate crisis and biosphere collapse?