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Create a People's Constitution for Yorkshire

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Democratic Yorkshire is just one amongst numerous groups seeking arms-length regional governance arrangements for Yorkshire.

For our part, we have set our mind to the publication of a draft People’s Constitution for Yorkshire. Such a document, we believe, will provide a valuable bargaining chip when negotiating to achieve our shared aim.

We have set ourselves two objectives in developing the People’s Constitution. The first being to list the social, economic, and cultural rights and standards needed to secure a fair, inclusive, and comfortable existence for Yorkshire’s citizens. The second being to establish a new, more efficient, and effective democratic framework for the region. One capable of delivering these social, economic, and cultural rights and standards.

It is in identifying these rights and standards that we will be concentrating on the 17 May. The rest will follow at future dates, please visit our website. We hope to involve as many as we can, from all walks-of-life and levels of experience in chewing over and weighing up different suggestions. Your input will be invaluable, so please join us!

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How can we reimagine our citizenship and our democracy?