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Chile: 50 Years of Solidarity and Struggle

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In partnership with Alborada

Join Alborada for a panel reflecting on 50 years since the 11 September 1973 military coup against Salvador Allende’s government that installed the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. As well as looking at the lasting legacy of resistance to Pinochet and neoliberalism, we will be discussing the role of UK solidarity with the struggle for human rights and social justice in Chile.


:: Maria Vásquez Aguilar – PhD candidate, University of Sheffield. Maria is a child exile and co-founder of Chile Solidarity Network and Chile 50 Years UK

:: Dr Sergio Vasquez – Former political prisoner under Pinochet’s regime. Sergio continued his political activism once exiled to the UK

:: Pablo Navarrete – Founder of Alborada /Alborada Films

7.45pm-8.45pm @ Hideaway, 61 Eyre Lane, Sheffield S1 3GF


Event supported by Chile 50 Years UK

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How should our society overcome inequalities of race, gender, sexuality, income and disability?