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Can Migrant Women Speak in Sheffield?

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In partnership with Living in Sheffield

The event will propose an interactive discussion between two migrant women living in Sheffield: the journalist and writer Livia Barreira and Dr. Patricia Nabuco Martuscelli about the challenges and opportunities of how to empower migrant women in Sheffield.

The starting point will be Livia’s book Living in Sheffield: Our Journeys as Migrant Women (2022), where she promotes the positive impact of diversity and migration by sharing 8 stories of female migrants settled in Sheffield. Each panellist will provide brief inputs to start the interactive conversation with the audience on topics such as creating a home and community in Sheffield, the feeling of belonging, challenges to adapt to a new country, and finding spaces where our voices can be listened to. The aim of this conversation is to empower and recognise the voices of migrant women that may be suppressed in our society. Our discussion proposes to recognise the different contributions of migrant women to the city of Sheffield, to the UK and to our societies as whole.

Brazilian-born journalist, MA in Communications Sciences and writer (Living in Sheffield: Our Journeys as Migrant Women), settled in Sheffield. The creator of Living in Sheffield on social media.

Dr. Patricia Nabuco Martusceli – Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Sheffield. PhD in Political Science by the Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil.

Part of our 2023 festival strand


How should our society overcome inequalities of race, gender, sexuality, income and disability?