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What Kind of Economic Future Do We Want for Yorkshire’s Children?

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Can we create an economy that cares for both the human spirit and our planet earth with well-being and happiness for all people?

Our materialistic and carbon-waste economy has created enormous inequality, the rich in far off places live lavish lifestyles while huge numbers of Yorkshire folk are feeling the pinch, and many suffering in poverty, not knowing how to make ends meet.

Yet, successive Governments have remained stubbornly obsessed with the free-market economics that has caused this problem over the decades.

Our panel will examine these issues and discuss how we can we create an economy here in Yorkshire that cares better for both the human spirit and our planet earth, with well-being and happiness for all of our people being our central economic goal.

This event is being arranged jointly between Democratic Yorkshire, the Festival of Debate and the Same Skies Think Tank.

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Mark is the Professor of Economic Sociology at Leeds University. His areas of expertise are: Economic Sociology; Democratic Finance; Community Municipal Investments (CMIs); Net Zero Economies; Crowdfunding; Consumerism; Prosumerism; Sociological Theory and Public Banking.

Simon is the founder & CEO of Webmart Ltd and was the Yorkshire Party candidate in the recent Mayoral Elections for South Yorkshire. His business interests are based on what he describes as Marxist Capitalism.

Same Skies Think Tank

Tiffany is Co-Founder and Co-Director of Same Skies Think Tank, a regional democracy organisation in West Yorkshire.

She is a project manager at the Centre for Inclusion and Diversity at the University of Bradford and part-time lecturer at RADA. Her sociological research examines race and education in the UK and US and her historical research investigates King James VI&I in Early Modern Britain. She is the author of several articles, chapters, as well as a co-editor of two books. Her activism stems from a desire to work with community members in the elevation of human development. She loves the Arts, NES roms, travelling, baseball, fishing, and chess.

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Ed Straw is a researcher, writer and activist on systems of governing. He is co-author of The Hidden Power of Systems Thinking: Governance in a Climate Emergency, in which existing systems within which governments operate are analysed, concluding that they lie at the heart of many of the world’s problems - climate, pollution, nature, mass inequality and inhumanity. Their response is to apply systems thinking in practice to the design of governance at every level, and propose 26 principles as the basis for new constitutions.

Ed is chair of Compassionate Communities UK, core member of the Independent Constitutionalists UK, visiting research fellow at the Open University’s Applied Systems Thinking in Practice group, and he likes moving rocks.