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The Future of Cooperation

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The Future Of Cooperation

In partnership with Principle 5

The world has been polluted, ripped off and brought to its knees by capitalism - so are co-operatives a better solution? They seem to have risen in popularity globally, but is this happening in the UK? What are the connections between small to medium sized co-operatives and the supermarket-owning Co-operative Group? Co-operatives can include worker-ownership, or self-run housing, publications or almost any type of business or organisation guided by the International Statement of Co-operative Identity. It sounds like a good idea, but what are the problems in practice? Are co-operatives working alone or in a Movement? With this event, we hope to present an opportunity to discuss these issues with co-operative activists, and learn and share ideas.

Presented by Principle 5, the Yorkshire Co-operative Resource Centre, which runs an archive and library. It is based in Aizlewood’s Mill, Nursery Street, Sheffield, a co-operative-owned building also housing Sheffield Co-operative Development Group.

Part of our 2022 festival strand


How can we reimagine citizenship and our democracy?