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Led By Donkeys

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White Cliffs

This event will be BSL Interpreted.

Political activists? Pranksters? Conceptual artists? We think of Led by Donkeys as all of these things, and whilst you’ll likely know them best for their large-scale projections of quotes from UK politicians across the Houses of Parliament and the White Cliffs of Dover, join them in person to discuss their myriad other work in holding power to account for acts of “thermonuclear hypocrisy”.

Having formed in 2018 as an anti-Brexit group, the team behind Led by Donkeys have gone on to be a constant thorn in the side of the Political classes, taking aim without bias at any and all in positions of power whose words have been grossly mismatched with their actions.

Since the group's creation its four founders have been calling out what they call "thermonuclear hypocrisy", and have used satire targeted at pro-Brexit politicians. Led By Donkeys' main campaign consists of billboards containing past tweets by pro-Brexit politicians, or quotes presented as tweets. These tweets state the politicians' previous political positions, which according to the group have not stood the test of time.

Join the team for an in-person discussion hosted by the redoubtable Sara Hill, where we will be showing examples of their works and talking over what inspired them, what their desired outcomes have been, and where to go next.

Part of our 2022 festival strand


How can we reimagine citizenship and our democracy?