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Don't Tell Me What to Do About Covid: A Debate about Information, Misinformation & Trust

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Dont Tell Me What To Do About Covid

In partnership with Sheffield Community Contact Tracers

Sheffield Community Contact Tracers (SCCT) is a voluntary group of people with expertise in public health, medicine, academia, community work and volunteering who came together in March 2020 to work on Covid-19 issues that the government was failing to address.

Their initial work was a pilot in Heeley, training volunteers to support ill people, trace their contacts and provide support. They went on to deliver 'Covid Confidence' sessions to Black, minority ethnic, refugee, and other 'Seldom Heard' communities in Sheffield. In doing so, they realised that delivering consistent, reliable and truthful messaging depended on listening and having dialogue with communities, not about telling them what to do. Trust is essential.

The pandemic consists of two plagues. One is the SARS-COV-2 virus and the other is what the World Health Organisation (WHO) has termed an 'INFODEMIC' which consists of too much, false or misleading information. This debate will bring together members of SCCT to discuss issues of information, misinformation and trust.

Sheffield Community Contact Tracers (SCCT) is a volunteer-led project sitting within a local charity, Heeley Trust. SCCT helps to identify gaps in systems relating to COVID-19 and raise awareness on these issues. SCCT also conduct studies and demonstration projects to show possible solutions to these problems; through supporting communities to become more confident and resilient on this topic and to amplify seldom heard voices by giving them a platform to share their experiences.

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