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Creating 100 Ideas for The North

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Interactive workshop. Too often, national discourse around regional inequalities focuses on Big Projects, or structures of power. Instead, we want to co-create something that promotes a hundred small-scale innovative projects. Projects that can start small, scale up and be replicated across the North. Projects that need a catalyst. Projects to change the world or change a street, and both are equally valid.

From philosophy clubs in Liverpool to arts collectives in Stockton, homeless hostels in Cumbria to record labels in Chester, the North has got some great innovative ideas. This workshop can help to create some more.

There'll be a ten minute presentation on the sort of small-scale social innovations that the North could do more of, followed by two sessions of 30 minutes of ideation, either in small groups of up to 5, or in a larger group depending on the number of attendees. Lastly, there’ll be a ten minute summing up of the initiatives that have been discussed and ideas shared.

The ultimate aim is to dream up 100 small-scale projects that would make the North a better place to live, and that will inform a more structured project to develop those ideas and help people turn them into feasible schemes in the real world.

Patrick is North England Area Manager for the Royal Society of Arts.


Tris is the Head of Communications at Liverpool John Moores University.

Part of our 2022 festival strand


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