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We Need to Talk About Racism in Education: Finding Inclusive Solutions to Racism in our Secondary Schools

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This event is a discussion about the lived reality of racism in secondary schools and how we can work as a community to challenge it. We will be joined by Dr Muna Abdi, Melissa Simmonds, Monica Stone and secondary school students from Sheffield and Rotherham.

Recent events in the US and the UK have pushed social justice to the forefront of national conversations about education. While efforts across the country to ‘decolonise the curriculum’ are a much-needed step in the right direction, they are a small aspect of a wider solution to the issues of racism in education, which impact so many students every day. For individuals working within education, or parents with children going through secondary school, understanding the issues, and considering practical everyday solutions is an important step forward.

In this event, we will hear directly from members of the local education community. We will hear their unique perspective on racism in schools and discuss how to move forwards together. After the discussion, questions and comments from the audience will be welcomed and discussed by the panel.

MisTÂûght founder Melissa Simmonds is Black and Autistic and has two Autistic children. Through MisTÂûght, Melissa aims to educate kids about Autism, educate schools about Black British History, lobby for culturally diverse diagnostic tools, and ensure everyone she and her children come into contact with has an acceptable level of understand of Autism.


Monica Stone qualified as a teacher in Los Angeles, California, where she worked in Watts and Inglewood. During this time, Monica did her master's in Urban Education at UCLA and worked with grassroots organisations such The People's Education Movement.

Monica moved to the UK in 2014 where she has worked in London and Rotherham. Monica currently chairs TIG, an antiracist educator group based in Sheffield and Rotherham.


Dr Muna Abdi is a Leading Education consultant and independent researcher with over 10 years' experience in education, research and community engagement. She has previously worked as a youth workers and university lecturer and is currently the Director of MA Education Consultancy.

Muna's research and practice is grounded on the principles of decolonial and anti-racist thought. Muna engages with methodological and ethical dilemmas in research and is interested in research that is done with and not on communities. A trailblazer in community-engaged research and pedagogy, Muna develops and delivers innovative and culturally appropriate training throughout the country.

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