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Trade Unions, Workers' Rights and the Media

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In partnership with the Media Reform Coalition & MediaNorth

Covid-19 has revealed extraordinary inequality in the UK. The ‘essential workers’ keeping Britain going have mostly been in precarious, low-wage work, without basic rights like sick pay, and many have paid for this lack of protection with their lives. Yet most of our media treats struggles for decent wages and worker rights with hostility – or ignores them.

This event, part of the Media Reform Coalition’s The BBC and Beyond: Reimagining Public Media campaign, is organised jointly with MediaNorth. We’ll be asking what kind of media we need to support workplace struggles today, how journalists are organising for better conditions in their own workplaces, and how institutions like the BBC – which are meant to serve the working public – could empower us to take on our bosses and fight for our rights.


Nick Jones, Former BBC Industrial Correspondent

Sarah Wooley, Bakers, Food & Allied Workers Union General Secretary

Jim Boumelha, International Federation of Journalists

Part of our 2021 festival strand

Putting Citizens in the Lead