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Prospects for a Democratic Yorkshire

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Making the case for a Yorkshire Parliament

Yorkshire has a strong sense of identity, but no democratic power. Current plans for devolution are woefully inadequate and confused. This free webinar will explore what a truly democratic Yorkshire could look like:

Regional power - a Parliament for Yorkshire
Neighbourhood democracy - power devolved to the citizens of Yorkshire
Constitutional reform - Yorkshire’s powers protected


Ed Straw is a leading thinker on politics and government today and a member of the Independent Constitutionalists UK (IC-UK) and an expert on the workings of the modern state. Ed will describe alternatives to the current system and explore how Participative-representative Democracy (PRD) could create a Yorkshire where everyone could get involved.

Dr Simon Duffy is President of Citizen Network and one of the founders of the Neighbourhood Democracy Movement. Simon will argue that Yorkshire could lead the way in meaningful constitutional reform and describe the emergence of a Campaign for a Democratic Yorkshire.

If you want to see meaningful constitutional reform or care about how justice and democracy could emerge in Yorkshire please join us. There will be a chance to discussion and debate.