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On Radical Veganism: A Panel Discussion

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An in-depth look at veganism's place in radical politics. Our panel of philosophers, activists and animal rights experts will tackle the biggest questions surrounding veganism in politics today. When does veganism become militant? Is there a cognitive dissonance in being a radical leftist and carnist? And are apolitical vegans even vegan at all?

The vegan movement has become increasingly detached from the radical roots which birthed it. We want to bring intersectionality back to the centre of the discussion.

We will be covering some mature content surrounding suffering and systemic oppression, however we wish to make the event as inclusive and accessible as possible. All are welcome, regardless of their political and lifestyle choices. Live captioning will be available. The event will include the opportunity for a Q&A session at the end.

Speakers to be announced.

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Aiyana (he/she/they) is a Black, queer, neurodivergent anti-speciesist and anti-oppression writer, speaker and theorist.

Aiyana is the creator of the Anti-Speciesist Arts Collective, a community platform that aims to reimagine animality and humanity and find liberation through community care and art.

They also host We Speak of Freedom, a social justice podcast, and are the co-facilitator of @NEUROMANCERS_ a neurodivergent community page with a focus on honesty, love and utopian thinking. You can follow them @aiyana.goodfellow, email [email protected] & visit


Max Watson is an ex-Animal Liberation Front activist and prisoner, co-founder of the SHAC campaign predecessor Huntingdon Death Sciences Campaign in 1997, and host of Animal Liberation TV, a YouTube channel dedicated to telling the history of the Animal Liberation movement.

He is also directing a feature length documentary film about his friend Barry Horne, the Animal Liberation activist, prisoner and hunger striker who died in 2001, whilst serving an 18-year prison sentence, from the effects of a 68-day hunger strike against animal experiments, which was worldwide news at the time.

Max spent 15 years as an activist in the Animal Liberation movement, from Manchester hunt sabs to the lab breeder campaigns of the late 90s, and helped run Manchester Animal Protection for several years.

Max has been a vegan anarchist for 33 years.

Kathryn Parsons is a history graduate from the University of Exeter where she specialised in gender, colonialism and European politics since 1945. She is a freelance journalist and tends to focus on aligning veganism with concepts, movements and events such as feminism, Brexit, the budget, the UK health service, and whether veganism should remain apolitical entirely, challenging the narrative.

Kathryn has been vegan since 2018 after suffering a series of medical problems that seemingly had no cure. Consequently, she is particularly passionate about a whole food, plant-based diet. For this reason, she is a qualified personal trainer and nutritional advisor, and hopes to assist individuals in their health and fitness journeys.


Flower Bomb is an anarchist writer, adventurer and trouble maker who enjoys anarchy as a lived experience of individualist revolt.

Flower Bomb is the founder of Warzone Distro and has written texts on many topics including radical sobriety, veganism, and queer nihilism.


Dom W. is an anarchist activist who has been involved in a range of campaigns. They were involved in the founding of the Hambacher Forest Occupation in Germany, which brought the end of coal thirty years earlier and was the birthplace of Liberate or Die anti-speciesist camps. They took this experience and contributed to establishing other occupations across Europe. In addition to environmental campaigning they have also been involved in anarchist refugee projects, such as co-founding the Calais Chaos Kitchen in 2015.

They are a radical freegan that supports the philosophies of veganism but questions the practicality and affordability of a plant-based diet due to their lived experience in squats, occupations, and other itinerant communities.

Isaac Hughes-Dennis is a political musician and comedian, as well as occasional journalist and ranter. He has been a vegan since birth due to an environmental activist upbringing, which he has carried into his adult life. Isaac has performed at multiple vegan fairs and events, and is passionate about the intersection of politics and plant-based living.

Tallulah Howarth is a poet, designer and self-proclaimed 'actorvist' based in the North West.

In 2019, they were shortlisted in the top five for the BBC Young Writers' Award. Their work is observational, philosophical and politically-motivated. Veganism is very close to their heart as they have also been raised vegan since birth, having been involved with different human, animal and climate protest movements throughout their life.

Within their intersectional approach, they founded the Tytherington Feminist Society, volunteer alongside the LGBT Foundation and are involved with fundraising and mutual aid on a regular basis.

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