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Neighbourhood Democracy Movement

Neighbourhood Democracy Movement
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During some of the darkest times, Covid has shown us the potential for stronger, more powerful and more dynamic communities through mutual aid networks, shared visions and an increased sense of neighbourliness.

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement is a movement for citizens, neighbourhoods and their allies who want to create real democracy in every community and a real shift of power to local people.

Join the NDM for this session exploring new forms of local democracy emerging as a result of the pandemic – and how radical municipalism could be the future of real social change.

Hosted by the NDM’s Angela Fell, 7 speakers will talk about their work in neighbourhoods. Some of these initiatives have grown organically in citizen spaces, while others have been nurtured by local authorities, civic society or funding initiatives.

Each presentation will be followed by opportunity for questions, along with space to consider some provocative questions.


  • Alex Barker - Crew member of Trust the People, leader of Be More Pirate
  • Mark McKergow - Village in the City
  • Dave Baxter - Founder of Abram Ward Community Cooperative, Made in Wigan
  • Deana Wildgoose - Coalville C.A.N
  • Milissa McDulloch - Service Manager, Vibrant Communities
  • Sam Moon - Community Enabling Officer for Norwich Council, & resident
  • Bill Chatt - Vice Chair of Barrowcliffe Big Local

Then a panel discussion, featuring Co-ordinator of Cities for Change Xavi Ferrer, will look at some key questions:

  • What would be the political settlement that would create the conditions of flourishing neighbourhoods?
  • What would make it easier? What would make it more natural?
  • How do we create conditions that enable a thousand flowers to bloom

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement is hosted by the Centre for Welfare Reform.

The Centre for Welfare Reform was formed in 2009 to help create a world where everyone can be an equal citizen.

The Centre is a citizen think tank. We are not funded by big business or government. We exist because of donations and voluntary effort and share information and ideas for free.

Part of our 2021 festival strand

Putting Citizens in the Lead

Strand sponsors

Voluntary Action Sheffield

Our vision is for people to work together to make a vital and growing contribution to quality of life in all Sheffield’s communities. We support the development of voluntary and community action in the city, so it is sustainable and brings about positive social change.

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