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It's Our Community Part Three: Young People and Families

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A vision for progressive social reform for young people and families.

About this event

Too often social care doesn’t work for young people and it doesn’t work for families. We don’t support families in the right way and too many of our young people are growing cut-off from love and community and subject to unnecessary harm and stifled dreams. We are caught in a cycle of careless care.

We need a radical and progressive vision for social care for young people and families - not more privatisation, regulation and reorganisation; instead we need a real commitment to:

Community - creating neighbourhoods where people look out for each other and where young people feel safe, happy and fulfilled.

Relationships - love, support and all encouragement every step of the way as our children our born, learn and prepare for adult life

Rights - secure protections and respect for all the human rights that enable freedom, growth and mutual support

Economic security - investing in families, avoiding unnecessary crisis and reducing vicious poverty traps and economic insecurity

Although there are many problems caused by the current UK Government we believe it is still possible to create beneficial changes and we can also start to plan the kinds of bigger changes that we need progressive political parties to rally behind. Join us as we explore the kind of changes we need to see in social care for children and families and help us develop a vision for the kind of community we want to be.

Speakers include:

& more tbc

Change begins with ourselves. To create a better world we must think and act differently. Each one of us can help bring about the world we want to see – a world where our diversity is cherished and our equality is respected.

Citizen Network was formed in 2016 to help make this process of global transformation real. We are all citizens, we are all equal and we all have a contribution to make. But this contribution can only be made through community – by working with others.

Citizen Network begins by celebrating the value of inclusion and equal citizenship. It brings together thinkers and actors, people who share stories of challenge and success.