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How We Can Fund Green New Deal Investment in Sheffield

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Sheffield has set a zero-carbon target date of 2030 and commissioned the 'Pathways to Zero Carbon' report from consultants Arup to set out how to achieve this. Massive investment will be needed to do all that is required - an estimated £2-5 billion for housing alone.

Taking housing as the principal focus for this event, we will explore the different funding sources available for different housing tenure types. What money might be expected as grants from central government? What new and emerging commercial lending vehicles are becoming available for councils and social housing bodies, owner-occupiers and private landlords? What locally-generated investment resources could be sourced from municipal bonds, a regional investment bank or the re-direction of local pension funds?

What do you know about the Green Finance Institute? Have you heard of Bankers for Net Zero or Brummie Bonds? Who are the leading local authorities making the most creative use of green finance opportunities?

The Arup report makes it clear that Sheffield City Council cannot wait for central government grants to pay for the de-carbonisation of our city. They will be too little, too uncertain and too late. Green investments make sound financial sense and it's time we all understood them a little better.

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Acting on Climate Change

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