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How Can We Build a Net Zero Sheffield?

How Can We Build a Net Zero Sheffield?

A crucial part of the solution to the climate crisis is the shift away from fossil fuels to renewables.

Solar and wind power have been big technological success stories over the past decade, now producing energy more cheaply than ever before. We need big changes at national scale, but local energy production also has to be part of the solution.

Sheffield is currently lagging behind many other cities in upscaling local energy production. We ask our expert panel to explain how Sheffield is planning for a net zero future. How can we accelerate and scale up local production? What can be learnt from other successful projects in South Yorkshire and elsewhere? How can we create a deliverable vision to build a net zero Sheffield?

Hosted by Emma Bridge.

Part of our 2021 festival strand

Acting on Climate Change

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South Yorkshire Climate Alliance

We want to see a thriving, successful climate movement in South Yorkshire, shaping a region where companies, public bodies and individuals urgently make change.

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