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Feeding Sheffield Sustainably

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In association with the Institute for Sustainable Food & ShefFood - Sheffield’s Food Partnership

Reform to our food system is a pressing issue, and our conversations about food are all too often siloed between problems around food waste, food security or poverty, and local food production and sustainability.

Within these complex issues we face clear emergencies; one of people experiencing severe precarity leading ultimately to multiple poor health outcomes, and the other of deepening climate change and the urgent need to secure a low carbon and sustainable food system for the city, which can contribute to improved air quality and access to good-quality, locally-grown food.

This half-day conference seeks to bring civil society organisations who work in local food production, food waste and food poverty initiatives together to discuss how their work can complement and reinvigorate our approach to food in Sheffield.

With quick-fire contributions from speakers from a range of organisations discussing the issues of food on their plate, alongside their visions for how food issues can be managed differently, this innovative conference will draw out the connections between work on food poverty, production and waste in the city - and begin to map pathways between those issues, for the benefit of all residents in Sheffield.

Speakers include:

  • Prof Duncan Cameron - University of Sheffield, Institute for Sustainable Food

  • Dr Alexandra Sexton - University of Sheffield, Institute for Sustainable Food

  • Debbie Mathews - Manor & Castle Development Trust & S2 Food Bank

  • Gareth Roberts - Sheffield Food Partnership & Regather

  • Rene Meijer - Food Works

  • Sam Evans - S6 Food Bank

  • Martin Yarnit - Food Hubs

  • Sue Pearson - Heeley City Farm

  • Fran Halsall - Sheffood

  • Shakila Sharif - Voluntary Action Sheffield

  • Colin Havard - Sheffield City Council

  • Jill Edmondson - University of Sheffield

  • Hamish Cunningham - University of Sheffield

  • Ursula Myrie - Adira

  • Douglas Kemp - Regather

Part of our 2021 festival strand

Acting on Climate Change

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