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Escape The North, Season 2: Sheffield

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During lockdown, a group of northern comedians started building live-streamed adventure games based on their local community to help teach gamers the principles of mutual aid.

Each week they invite members of the public to collaborate with strangers, solve puzzles and overcome endless challenges in a digital dystopian version of major Northern cities.

On 28th May, Escape The North's second season (Sheffield) opens to the public for the first time. Watch live and sign up to be one of the first teams to tackle the host of challenges and puzzles facing the Steel City.

Join us on Twitch at 8pm on the day - no ticket or sign-up required.

Featuring Sean Morley, Jain Edwards, Jack Evans, Lloyd Henning and Peter Sutton.

Watch the Player Induction Video to learn more...

Part of our 2021 festival strand

Putting Citizens in the Lead

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Our vision is for people to work together to make a vital and growing contribution to quality of life in all Sheffield’s communities. We support the development of voluntary and community action in the city, so it is sustainable and brings about positive social change.

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