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David Lammy: Tribes

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Auriel Majumdar will chair this in conversation discussion and Q&A session with Labour MP and author David Lammy about his most recent book, Tribes: How Our Need to Belong Can Make or Break Society.

A memoir and a call-to-arms, Tribes explores both the benign and malign effects of our need to belong. How this need - genetically programmed and socially acquired - can manifest itself in positive ways, collaboratively achieving great things that individuals alone cannot. And yet how, in recent years, globalisation and digitisation have led to new, more pernicious kinds of tribalism. This book is a fascinating and perceptive analysis of not only the way the world works, but also the way we really are.


David Lammy is the Labour MP for Tottenham. He has been the MP for his home constituency since 2000. In April 2020, David was appointed the Shadow Secretary of State for Justice.

David has been one of Parliament's most prominent and successful campaigners for social justice. In January 2016, the then Prime Minister David Cameron asked David to lead an independent review into the treatment of, and outcomes for, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals in our criminal justice system. The Lammy Review was published in September 2017 and included 35 wide-ranging policy recommendations for Government and the criminal justice sector.

David is also the author of Out of the Ashes: Britain After the Riots, an analysis of the long-standing causes of the 2011 riots, as well as his new book, Tribes: How Our Need to Belong Can Make or Break Society. David is a regular contributor to national newspapers and publications including The Guardian, The Times, The Independent, New Statesman and others, and appears regularly on television and radio.

Auriel Majumdar is a Creative Coach, Consultant and Educator with more than 20 years’ experience as leader, strategist and change maker.

Formerly Course Leader for the MSc in Coaching and Mentoring at Sheffield Hallam University, she works mainly with organisations and individuals in the creative, cultural and third sectors, helping people to reflect on their experiences so they can continuously learn and develop.

Auriel believes in community, connection and poetry. She passionately believes that the opposite of fear is freedom and is privileged to work with people as they learn to let go of the assumptions and habits that no longer serve them.

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