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Building Networks to Make Change

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The real challenges we face in society can often seem overwhelming, too big to even begin to tackle. The problems are usually very complex and deeply entwined with issues that affect people in many different ways, often requiring change on many levels.

Over the last five years, the UBI Lab Network has grown from one small team of people in Sheffield to a network of 40 citizen led groups across the globe advocating for trials of Universal Basic Income. With the support of over 400 elected representatives across the UK, it has passed over 30 council motions across Britain and turned UBI into a mainstream policy proposition.

Alongside us on this journey has been the burgeoning Citizen Network, which as a global Cooperative operates as a platform for citizens to collaborate, share learning and join together in action. Citizen Network is connecting people, organizations and systems leading to better citizenship and better societies.

Join us to hear the story so far, alongside our friends and allies at Citizen Network, and learn about how to build an active and influential network that is able to start making a difference across a range of systemic problems and issues of collective concern.

As Margaret Mead once said: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

UBI Lab is a worldwide decentralised network of citizens, researchers, activists and campaigners exploring the potential of Universal Basic Income. The UBI Lab Network is facilitated by the social enterprise Opus.

A UBI Lab is a citizen led group seeking to explore and advocate for a Universal Basic Income. Groups are themed geographically or by lived experience. There are currently 35 UBI Labs across the world with the majority located in the UK. Labs meet each month to share learning and contribute to a shared set of resources. The Labs are assisted by the UBI Lab staff team who offer skills, resource and expertise where needed to facilitate the aims of each UBI Lab.

Change begins with ourselves. To create a better world we must think and act differently. Each one of us can help bring about the world we want to see – a world where our diversity is cherished and our equality is respected.

Citizen Network was formed in 2016 to help make this process of global transformation real. We are all citizens, we are all equal and we all have a contribution to make. But this contribution can only be made through community – by working with others.

Citizen Network begins by celebrating the value of inclusion and equal citizenship. It brings together thinkers and actors, people who share stories of challenge and success.

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