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Basic Income Top Trumps

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Universal Basic Income (UBI) has moved from the margins to the mainstream as the pandemic has made the situation of many workers highly precarious. A trial is likely in Scotland. But suppose you had a Basic Income. How might it change your life?

Come and explore UBI, using a set of Top Trumps cards. Each describes a participant in a UBI trial around the world. They have all gained, in very different ways, in terms of food security, health and independence. They have also become more active in community and cultural life.

Hariram from Madhya Pradesh says, “Today I am not a bonded labourer. That is because during the year when we received the basic income we felt secure and were not desperate. We saw something new. That it is possible to choose another kind of work.” What could be possible for you?

Facilitated by Perry Walker from Talk Shop, which promotes practical ways of doing deliberative democracy and Toby Lloyd from UBI Lab Arts, which uses creative methods to deepen and broaden the discussion around Basic Income.